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Axix | Structured Communications




Accessible to all PCs and mobile devices, AXIX allows the delivery of critical information to your personnel in real time.

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Great team to work with. Willing to do what it takes to make a quality logo for you and many options at that. 10/10 would recommend.

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AXIX signifies secure interdepartmental communication. This robust web-mobile application allows office environments the ability to stay interconnected with real time information sharing in a professional yet minimalist environment.

AXIX allows management to upload content under five categories in a “Company Wide Workgroup”, providing real time information to staff. Applicable categories are: Announcements, Policies, Department Forms, and Department Sites. 


Adding announcements is user friendly. Simply, click add new — and then enter the post title, any attachments or enter text.

Announcements allows management to include photos or videos directly within a post. Once finished, click submit to add your content.


Adding policies follows the same format as adding an announcement. Using our simple UI design, management can also provide company policies directly to their staff at any time. 


With AXIX, management can provide specific forms used routinely. This allows staff to access forms in real time, without the hassle of searching through archives. 


Surveys are specific to only company wide work group. It allows admin users to collect feedback with simple Yes / No questions.


Are there specific company sites frequented by your employees? With AXIX, management can store favorite sites to provide quick access to their employees. 


Want to offer basic project management to departments within your business? AXIX allows the formation of private groups and managers. Now, groups can upload their own department specific content within the same categories, as the company wide workgroup. 

User Management

Easy to use upper management, allows admin users to create, edit, or delete users through a one stop shop interface. 


Allows users to view posted content.

Add New

Allows admin users to add new content.

Terra Orb Solutions

Recommends the development of policy to provide to provide appropriate and internal use of the AXIX platform.

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